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We pride ourselves in developing our athletes on and off the track.

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is an athletics club seeking to build community and national interest in sports until Botswana becomes a nation that is excited about athletics. Athletics (Track & Field) is our starting point, however, we shall eventually reach other sporting codes. S4D is Registered with the Registrar of Societies in Botswana as a sports club recognized by the Botswana Athletics Association.

In Botswana, The existing sporting talent is not harnessed and fully utilized as there are limited programs and facilities that are easily accessible to individuals with sports interests. We seek to make available programs and platforms that will bring out the best of the best of what we have in different sporting disciplines as a nation.

S4D is particularly well positioned with respect to opportunities for innovation and partnerships with both government and private stakeholders on sports initiatives and programs. Through government support, a number of initiatives will be birthed to ultimately find, train and mentor available sporting talent and turn it into gold.

Through the S4D talent scouting program, the nation will be able to have a greater

representation in the regional and international competition platforms

increasing our chances of success

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Becoming a hub of world-class athletics stars.


Searching for raw sporting talent and turning it into gold by professionalizing it.


  • Specialize in talent identification, developing and professionalizing the identified athletes
  • Implement systems, programs, and projects within S4D that develop athletes on and off the track & field
  • Develop sports mentorship & training programs for gifted youth in sports
  • Make available competitions for athletes
  • Collaborate with existing sporting bodies in order to avoid duplicating efforts
  • Have centers across the nation Africa

Ultimate goal

is to build a sports academy


in Botswana

Meet the


Ms. Phatsimo is the author of ‘’Passion & Purpose” and the founder of Helping One Organisation. She serves as the Chief Operations Officer for Sports 4 Development Athletics Club. She has been in sports for 16 years as a tennis player with a history of being the women’s number 1 in tennis in Botswana for 5 years consecutively. Played NCAA D1 tennis for Bethune-Cookman University on a full tennis scholarship basis. She is all-around businesswoman who is very passionate about sports, developing athletes, and preparing them for life after sports. This passion springs from being a full-time athlete from the grass-root level to NCAA D1 level. Her daily goal is to develop sports in Botswana and other developing countries, harness sporting talent, and assist athletes in professionalizing their athletic talent while developing them as individuals and journeying with them as they leave a legacy that shall be spoken of from generation to generation.

Ms. Katlego is a very outgoing person with a vast working experience in the hospitality industry and corporate law. She has hosted various youth events which were centered on youth empowerment and development. She is passionate about bringing the best out of young people and journeying with them on realizing their talents and gifts. She aims to constantly build a good healthy working relationship and provide good clientele services.

Mr. Fletcher is a highly creative and multitalented Graphic Designer and Audio Tech with extensive experience in multimedia and print design, Exceptional Analog, and digital audio design abilities. He has always maintained technological knowledge in order to stay on the "cutting edge" of audio and visual presentations. A talented God loving man with a goal to maintain a statement made “ creative created creature” with “win-win” designs. He is a passionate and innovative creator of our time who is accustomed to performing under pressure. Mr. Fletcher’s Creative experience includes Print,

Brochures & Newsletters, Logo designs & Business Cards, Posters & Post Cards, videographer, and video editor, Audio edit and capturing operation of sound systems in different locations.

Ms. Phemelo is a Personal trainer, Fitness Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Peer Educator. She is

a flexible, enthusiastic and hardworking individual who enjoys working as part of a team. She is committed to seeing a task or project to its completion. She serves as support staff for S4D Athletics Club where she manages a variety of functions simultaneously and with the flexibility to work under competing demands and deadlines. She aims for global and international working relations.


Talent Identification

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Scout for talent around the country through different

methods including physical and social media


Invitational community

based competitions

Talented youths will have the opportunity to register and

compete in the races and showcase their talent and get opportunities to be drafted into the S4D programs.

Training and development

Through a structured and personalized approach to give each athlete the professional assistance and attention needed for optimum results.

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Athletes Welfare



Women In Sports

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Mental & Wellness Initiative




Business & Entrepreneurship Hub







Incentivized annual Interschool athletics competition for the identification of athletics talent:


This is an incentivized national inter-school tournament that is meant to bring top athletes from schools around the country to a 2day athletics meet. The objective is to encourage schools to identify and groom talent to participate in this championship to help the school to win.

Upcoming Events:


Invitational community-based competitions to identify athletic talent:


These invitational tryout tournaments will be held in different parts of the country to give talented youths an opportunity to register and compete in the races and showcase their talent and get opportunities to be drafted into the S4D programs and Talent development programs. These programs will build family and community awareness of the value of sports and the different sports career opportunities available for their youth.

Head Quartered

In the City of Gaborone in Botswana


3rd Floor Mogobe Plaza CBD Gaborone Botswana



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